Our Company

Everyday around Ireland literally thousands of transactions are taking place using Customer Connect Loyalty systems. In any one given week over 250,000 loyalty transactions take place. Every time a customers card is swiped you are strengthening the relationship and extending the lifetime value of your customer or guest.

At Customer Connect Loyalty we have an unparalled passion for building increased individual customer interaction. We believe that the future of marketing lies in trigger based marketing combined with top class data. To that end we have developed expertise and knowledge unrivalled in Ireland.

Based in the Enterprise & Research Incubation Centre at the Institute of Technology Carlow we are a campus company at the centre of a development hub where thought leaders  mingle with entrepreneurs and developers to build exciting businesses such as Customer Connect Loyalty.

Customer Connect Loyalty enables businesses to locate and extract significant incremental revenue from their existing customers. Companies working with us report a maximized return on their investment of time and money since cultivating targeted relationships with customers who can drive profitability to their business.



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