We are the  leading supplier of loyalty programs to Butchers. Why? Because we work with each of our clients to ensure that they get a return on their investment and we have over 3 generations practical experience in the butcher trade.


Return On Investment

Our clients report anything from 5% to 20% sales growth when they have a mature Customer Loyalty Programme in operation. Our job is to ensure that your program is managed effectively and that you get the return you need.

With our Butcher clients we sit down and work with them to design their activities for the coming 12 months. This means that you are not alone to do all of the work instead you have a partner for butchers loyalty that is there to manage your programme and ensure you get a solid return on investment.

We use tactics such as Dual Pricing, Threshold Selling, Motivating Promotions, Reward Stretchers texting and much much more to incentivise and excite your customers.

Some Sample Documents

Loyalty Calendar

Action Plan Image

Enrollment Flyer Side 1

Enrollment Flyer Side 2

Loyalty Card Sample


Examples of successes include:

  • 20% increase in sales
  • 15% increase in footfall
  • Increases in product sales
  • Reduction in discounting
  • Protection of margin
    We would be delighted to discuss or process with you at any time. Just contact sales and ask for our butcher specialist adviser on 01 48523203



Butchers in Ireland, England Scotland, Wales can often become disillusioned when marketing but continue to try and build their business by using one off marketing blitz’s. This can be difficult to quantify regarding ROI and does not create any consistency or customer loyalty with the customer. The SFMTA and ACBI and Q Guild all recognise the value that Customer Connect loyalty bring to Butchers Loyalty programmes as Customer Connect Loyalty are Specialists in butchers Loyalty.