System supports and logins



Before you start please follow stage 1 and then stage 2 which is the actual installation itself.

Stage 1. Pre Installation

Important For Windows Installation

First turn off the UAC (follow instruction below) and then try installing the software.

How to turn off UAC (User Control Settings):

1)      Open Windows Control Panel

2)      Search Window – Top Right Corner

a.       Type UAC

b.      Click Enter

3)      Click on – User Accounts (Turn Off User Account Control)

4)      Slide Bar all the way down to

5)      Click OK

6)      Reboot Computer

7)      Start Stage 2 below

Important—You will need to turn off any computer protection such as firewall or internet security for a few minutes before continuing any further as this security can block the download…

Stage 2 The installation

Installation Links

To Install Customer Connect Loyalty – Run part 1 Then run part 2

Part 1

Part 2


Then enter your s/n code when requested and click the blue request keys button

You will need the SN code...