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How To Counteract Those Supermarket Flyers

Posted by Finbarr malone on Monday, March 8, 2021,
Every week we see those supermarket flyers and magazines coming in the door. But what can you do about them? Well you could copy the supermarkets and send your own flyers out but that works out expensive and a one off flyer is not going to increase your business.. So that's a waste of time. Well did you know, you have a huge advantage as a local butcher that these supermarkets don't have? Yes, you know your customers and can speak with your customers every day and added to that you have all t...
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Are you losing 75 Customers per month?

Posted by Finbarr malone on Thursday, February 4, 2021, In : Butchers 
How Simple Data Can Save Your Butchers Shop Business
Research carried out by Customer Connect on some of the best butchers shops in Ireland has revealed across 10 shops the following shocking headline figures:
These figures were taken on the 2nd of February 2021
  • Customers Missing since October 2020 Average 77
  • Average Life Time Spend  €1305 
  • Lifetime Visits Before Going Missing 66
To clarify.. This is an aerage of 77 customers that had shopped in October and had not been to the shop since. This c...

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