How To Counteract Those Supermarket Flyers

Posted by Finbarr malone on Monday, March 8, 2021
Every week we see those supermarket flyers and magazines coming in the door. But what can you do about them? Well you could copy the supermarkets and send your own flyers out but that works out expensive and a one off flyer is not going to increase your business.. So that's a waste of time. Well did you know, you have a huge advantage as a local butcher that these supermarkets don't have? Yes, you know your customers and can speak with your customers every day and added to that you have all their contact detail on your loyalty system. This means that you can talk with your customers every week too. So why aren't you? 

As the top local butcher in your area you should be talking with your customers every week. What can you talk with them about? You can decide that yourself, we recommend that you tell your story in your actions and your words, sell your product on quality, not on price. Let the supermarkets be perceived as cheap and you can take the more profitable quality slot. 

Lets look at our hotel clients, everything they do is to validate their room rates. Some choose cheap and some go 5 star. Where are you on this scale, 3 star or 5 star?  and how are you backing that up? Hotels back up their 5 star or 4 star status using story and image. You too can tell your story every week through sending personalised emails to your membership or SMS. This keeps you front and centre in your customers mind. 

Remember in our last post we spoke about the average shop having 75 customers missing over a 2 month period from October 2020. 

If a customer spends €15 per week and only half of 1% of those (10 customers) out of a database of 2000 members  shops with you thats an additional income of €150 

We all know that relationships thrive on interaction this goes for personal relationships as well as customer relationships. So why not increase your customer interaction and stop leaving the supermarkets doing all of the talking. 

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